Monday, January 20, 2014

Why Treadmill Running Makes me Feel Like a Failure.

Legs are pretty sore today, but not overly so.  Mostly my quads.  I don't really understand why running outside feels so much different than treadmill running.  I can go faster much easier outside than on the treadmill.

Well...after reading this article treadmill running can result in a 32% reduction in speed than running outside.  So because of muscle and joint mechanics treadmill running feels harder than outside running.  No wonder I feel like such a failure lately on the treadmill.

I've had my treadmill for 8 years now and it has saved my sanity so many times.  When you are stuck at home while raising little babies, it is saving grace during nap times.  It was an $800 investment that translates to $100 a year so far...well worth it.

It is also that time of year again to start thinking about incubating eggs.  There were quite a few weeks that we didn't get any eggs that I was worried that we wouldn't have any eggs to hatch this year.  I'm hoping for two batches of 30.  We have gone through the chickens we processed very quickly.  They are so tasty and so easy to cook in the pressure cooker that I am sad that they are gone already.

We want to preserve some lines so we have to set up some breeding pens.  We'll build some permanent ones this spring, but plan on setting up some temporary ones in the pole barn for now.  I think we'll do one pen for pure bred Dorkings (excellent tasting), and probably the other for a good dual purpose batch (egg layers and meat bird).  I think everyone in the household is excited to have baby chicks on the homestead again.

Hopefully we can get the two batches hatched out before our turkeys start laying.  Adding ducks to our flock this year is on the agenda as well.

 Olive being creative. 

 Turkey cute!

 Francisco our Buckeye rooster.  He got much bigger than this and we'll probably use him to get a bigger bird.

 Egg stash we found in the yard one day.

After weeks and weeks of not laying we got an egg on the coldest day of the year...-27.

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