Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to Squeeze it in.

Life got in the way so many times yesterday between me and my run.  I worked in the morning.  Then had to run unexpected errands after work when my plan was to jet home and jump on the treadmill before Olive woke from her nap.  I figured I could try once Scott got home from work, but it was a "wood splitting" day for him.  It was time for dinner for the girls and while they were eating I decided it would be a good window for me to do some strength training.

Strength training is not my favorite.  However, I love how  my body feels once I'm done.  I can feel myself getting stronger.  I really don't want to get injured and nail my half marathon in May so if it keeps me off the injured list I'll learn to love it.

After that there was no point in trying to run until we had the girls tucked in.  At that point I just wanted to grab some dinner, sit on the couch, and drink a beer.  BUT I knew that I would feel accomplished and my dinner would taste better if I got a run in.  I was also thinking about something I read about doing an easy run on tired legs so I could mentally prepare for the end of my half.

So I did it.  I did 3 miles at an easy pace and it wasn't as hard on my legs as it was mentally.  I used a lot of my tricks to get to 3 miles.  I watched a show on Netflix, listened to some pump-me-up music, thought about significant things in my life, and tried to solve problems on our homestead.  The more often I make it through a hard run, the more confidence I gain that I can finish strong.

Today I had a 5 mile interval with hills run planned, but I woke up feeling horrible.  I have contracted the chest cold that will not go away.  It seems to have renewed with a vengeance today.  So I decided to take it easy today and just catch up on house things like making a batch of bread and yogurt.

I want to incorporate smoothies back into our diets and I use yogurt in our's.  Plus I have the biggest bag of spinach in the world from Costco in the fridge and plan to throw a handful into each of mine.  I'm buckling down on my diet again to lose more body fat and hopefully gain more muscle.  I want to be a bit lighter and stronger to aid my training.

Tomorrow I plan on feeling better and jumping on the treadmill as soon as I get home and doing my interval run!

Under $50 worth of groceries from Aldi!

 All those colors...I love having chickens!

 Sunset view from my window.

 My wheat grinder.

The hot-rod of my kitchen.  I believe that I've saved enough money baking our own bread for this machine to have paid for itself!

Not sure if doing a hard training run is okay when feeling sick...thoughts?

Love or hate strength training?

Ever made home made bread?

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