Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Holidays just keep getting more and more fun with Erin getting older. Seems like a huge difference between 3 and 4 for her. She changed the costume that she wanted every day. Ninja, Super Girl, McQueen, Tinkerbelle, Witch, Cat, Tiger, Frog, Bee, Viking, Pirate. No costume was off limits. But we had a Tinkerbelle costume already so I basically made her stay with that. She didn't mind though.

I also have a face painting book complete with face paint, so I painted Erin's face for trick-or-treating as well. I think she looked beautiful!

She still has some of it on. She wouldn't let me wash it off. Silly girl.

I wanted Izzy to be a ladybug this year. Her's is the first costume that I bought brand new. I usually get them at the used kids' stores. However, I couldn't find a ladybug one. She looks super cute!

The antennae did not stay on. She also started turning into a little Izzy Popsicle. She kept putting her little frozen hands up for me to kiss because they hurt. So I took her back inside. Scott continued with Erin. We trick-or-treated with some friends. They have two girls as well and they had fun running from door to door and getting candy!

Mine and Scott's costumes. Construction paper, glue stick, and tape. I think the message is clear though. I'm trying to convince Scott to get the storm-cloud tattoo and I'll get a sun.