Thursday, January 16, 2014

Push it!

I did 4 miles yesterday of sprint intervals with a little incline thrown in here and there.  I warmed up for a half a mile at 5 mph then did some 7 mph, 6.5 mph, and 6 mph with higher inclines as the speeds slowed.

It was hard, and it was work.  But it isn't called speed work for nothing.  I find that if I keep hills and speed work in my training, my overall running improves greatly.  I'll need to work up to a 7 mph pace (8.5 minute mile) to qualify for Boston someday.  But I'm going to take my time with that goal.  Right now I want to stay uninjured and enjoy my running.

I want to find a weekly mileage that works well with my life and my body.  I really enjoy the long lazy runs, but I also feel like a rockstar when I can bust out 6 miles in under an hour!  Really missing running outside as well, but I may be able to do my first winter outside run on Sunday!  It's supposed to be in the 30's and hubby and I don't work.  Fingers crossed that the stars will align and I can use the awesome winter running gear I got for Christmas.

Do you have any running goals?  For the year, five years, ten years?  My plan for this year is to run 1000 miles and improve my mile time by 30 seconds.

Do you have a plan for achieving those goals?
My general training plan is a tempo run, interval run, and a long run per week.  Trying to focus on some more strength training as well.
 Olive's giant panda we got her for Christmas.

 A picture from my 12 mile run...gorgeous day.

 Izzy decorating cupcakes....or just eating frosting?


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