Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Long Sunday Run.

I've been looking forward to this run all week.  Finally everything aligned with Scott's and mine schedules along with some glorious weather that I could run outside!  At long last I was able to initiate the cold running gear I got for Christmas.

Even though I was very excited about this run I felt nervous.  I was nervous that my fitness had gone far down from taking 5 weeks off due to a pulled muscle.  I hadn't run outside since the beginning of December!  I was nervous that I would have to poo in the middle of my run and without any leaves on the trees there would not be much for cover.  I did bring a few tissues in my pocket just in case.  I was nervous that I would be so cold that I would not enjoy it at all.

I am happy to report that it was 35 degrees outside and I had to take off my gloves because I got too warm. I did not crap my pants!  I was able to maintain a 10 minute average pace for 7.2 miles even with the snow and stopping to cross streets.  I did point at the houses I passed that didn't shovel their sidewalks and tell them that they suck, because...they do.  I didn't have to walk at all and even conquered some hills so I feel quite successful.

I was also looking forward to hearing the Map My Run app tell me how fast my miles were as they ticked off.  However, a setting got changed somehow and it was telling me every TENTH of a mile what my speed was, average pace, distance, heart rate and such.  I just wanted to veg out and listen to music and hear stats as the mile changed.  I tried to fix it while I paused the workout, but I wasn't unable to.  I lasted 2.5 miles before I yanked out my earphones and ran without music.  I changed the settings once I got home and will not have that nagging voice in my ear every minute.

Here are my stats for the run.

START12:56 p.m.
AVG10:13 min/mi

Map data ©2014 Google
500 m 
0.1 mi
0.5 mi
1 mi
5 mi
10 mi
1 mi09:33 min/mi9:31
2 mi09:31 min/mi9:30
3 mi09:59 min/mi9:58
4 mi10:17 min/mi10:16
5 mi10:27 min/mi10:25
6 mi10:43 min/mi10:41
7 mi10:49 min/mi10:45
7.3 mi10:09 min/mi2:40
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0:008:2016:4025:0033:2041:4050:0058:201:06:401000 ft1050 ft1100 ft15:00 min/mi12:00 min/mi10:00 min/mi08:34 min/miTime: 1:01:59Distance: 6.13 miElevation: 1077 ftPace: 11:21 min/mi



I had to use the old and tested mantras during my run.  Mostly because my confidence was feeling low as I hadn't ran outside for so long.  "I can do hard things", "I am a runner, this is what I do",  and "Finish strong."

 Pretty tree.

 Winter wonderland.

 Deer trail on our property.

All done with my run, but still have to walk up the hill.

What running mantras do you use when things get hard?
see above

Do you do a weekly long run?
I really like the long run the best so I am very happy to add it to my training again.

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