Friday, May 25, 2007


Life has been busy but good. We had a garage sale last weekend and did well. It was also our 4th anniversary. We had the grandparents come so we could have some help with the baby while we had our sale, and go out for dinner.
A lot of the bigger things that we had for sale went, so we were thankful for that! I needed some bigger items out of the house because we are quickly running out of room now that we have baby. The more mobile they get, the more room they need. Thank goodness we got our fence built in the back yard. (another of the projects that we have been busy with) We built the fence with 4x4 posts and lattice. I have to say it looks really nice.

I also moved 2600 lbs. of rock into my backyard to create flower beds. It looks amazing. I planted a bunch of perennials as well to have a colorful garden every year. The only annual I planted is dalias. They get nice and big and so colorful. I bought a fountain on clearance last year and it is perfect. I take my coffee, breakfast, and knitting outside then turn on the fountain and relax under our pergola (after baby is down for her first nap). It feels like my own little resort.
Other than all that, just cleaning, purging, and re-organizing my house. The clutter drives me crazy, so I'm experimenting with different solutions. Time will tell what will work for us. I do have to admit that becoming a mother has helped me be more organized.

We are off to my husband's parents this weekend to visit since everyone has a long weekend. My sister-in-law is going to have a baby any minute so it might be a Memorial Day baby! I can't wait to meet her, little Anna Jordan.