Friday, January 24, 2014

Nine Eggs Today!

A nice easy 5 miler on the treadmill today.  I had time after work and before the baby woke up from her nap to squeeze one in.  Tomorrow will be a "rest"day where I move my mother.  Not much rest, but hopefully not using my legs too much?  Yeah...I didn't think so either.

I passed the time listening to hard rock like the band In This Moment and reading The Hunger Games.  I just keep reading that on the treadmill because it is such easy reading and an engaging story!

Nine eggs today!!!!  We now have two dozen eggs in the fridge.  The only thing slightly better right now than eating them would be hatching them.  If we don't get those breeding pens set up quickly I'm just going to start incubating them and get bands on the chickens that we know are pure bred.  That way we will know which chickens are the mutts and not to use them in the breeding pens that we plan to build this spring/summer.

I still really like the idea of adding some Orpington chickens to our flock.  Their characteristics are so appealing as well as their temperaments.  They are so round and fluffy plus they like to be pet!

We got our first 5 chickens from an excellent breeder from Prairie Chick Poultry and she has about twelve different breeds, including Orpingtons!  So I might get some hatching eggs from her.  She only has blue or black Orpingtons and I really like the buff ones.  Buff Orpingtons are the chickens I always imagined having the cute little brown ones following me around the yard.

We are also waiting for the feed store to get a 50 lb bag of wheat so we can get a fodder system set up.  We would basically take plastic trays and sprout out the seeds.  Once they are sprouted to about 6-8 inches tall we would take it out to the chickens and plop it out and let them eat fresh!!!  Plus our feed costs will drop drastically.

Sunday is long run day and it will be a high of 23 degrees, but winds of 29 mph.  Not sure if I can make it 8 miles and not freeze to death.  My other worry is the huge knot in my left calf.  It started up when I was doing my intervals and it was bothering me when I was running today.  I've been sticking it a lot this evening and hope that it will work out enough by Sunday.

Do you have chickens?

How hard do you work to squeeze a workout in?

 Erin and daddy.

 Erin holding Fancy.

Izzy holding Fancy.

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