Monday, February 05, 2007

Da, Da??

So I get pregnant, am horrendously sick for 8 weeks, get big and uncomfortable. I go into pre-term labor and am stuck in the hospital for a week and then bedrest after that. I give birth and take care of this little life 24/7 for the past 7 months without hardly a break . . . and she says Da Da first!!!! I even intentionally would say Ma Ma every time I got her up from naps or throughout the day. My husband Scott always would say Ma Ma to her so that she would say that first. But no, it's Da Da and she can't seem to say it enough.

It really is very cute though. I don't really feel bad about it. Little girls are supposed to love their daddies. Once she gains more understanding and verbal skills she'll being saying Ma Ma all the time. I can't wait.

And whomever ordered this cold weather though can take it back! I was enjoying our mild winter. I'll take snow, but the sub-zero temperatures can stay away.

My sister-in-law is due next month. She's having a little boy and I am so excited. She is going to make me an aunt. I'm trying to pick out very thoughtful gifts, ones that I wish someone had given me or that I knew about. Every mother needs and deserves anything and everything that will make motherhood easier.

Here's a picture of our little puppy. It is impossible to keep socks on her. She thinks it is a game to take them off and stuff them in her mouth. With a face like that who could get mad.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


All babies seem to be are series of new phases. They are growing so fast and learning so much that if you wait long enough the phase passes. Erin has learned how to roll over and for a little while she could only roll over to her tummy and then get stuck there. Not too much of a problem during the day. But at night trying to get her to go to bed was less than fun. Going in there to flip her over didn't do much good either because she had to keep doing her new thing and would roll right back over and start to cry. I think she has become okay with sleeping on her tummy now. I snuck in there around 4:30 am this morning to check on her because she had usually woken up earlier than that to nurse. She was fast asleep on her tummy. So cute!

She is doing so so well with sleeping. Gone are the 30 minute naps from hell. She usually sleeps about an hour and a half now. Those were some long days when naps were so short. Plus she wasn't rested or happy. I didn't realize that babies can't handle being awake that long for so long. She will be 7 months old this weekend and can only handle being awake for an hour and a half, two hours if I push it. It makes it nearly impossible to go anyhwere. By the time you get them up, change a diaper, nurse, feed solids and play a little it's time for bed again.

Making baby food has been fun. Erin's favorites right now are apples and pears. She generally likes any fruit. The green veggies make her gag though. If I mix them with sweet potatoes I can get her to eat them.

I am so looking forward to getting out in my garden this spring. It doesn't seem that far off now that the stores are carrying seeds and starter pots. I love it when they bring the seeds out! I need to get my plans for my vegatable garden done. I won't be starting any seeds this year though. Not enough time and not enough room. I'm just going to buy them. Erin should be crawling by the time I need to get out and starting planting so we will have lots of fun outside!