Friday, January 12, 2007

Sleep. . . or the lack therof!

Parenting is not for the faint of heart! And beware, for those who adore sleep like I do. With any luck you will get a baby who falls naturally into a pattern of sleep where they quickly sleep through the night and get the idea of naps. With any bad luck you will find yourself with an adorable little person who doesn't seem to know the concept. Unfortunately we have found ourselves with the latter, and I am one of those people who adore sleep. Miraculously I have survived over 6 months on a very broken sleep schedule. Recently my husband and I have undertook the vast task of teaching Erin what sleep is and how to go there. It has been a rough road. An emotional rollercoaster.

You can see that what they are begging for is sleep, but that they haven't learned the skills to relax and drift off. So you coax and try to leave them to it and teaching them this usually involves a lot of crying. Things have started to progress with her. She really is a fast learner. We also recently took the paci away because she would wake up after 45 mins of sleeping and want it back after it had fallen out.

The next hurdle it to wean her from night nursing. Lord knows that the girl isn't wasting away. She's as plump as a peach. I have heard that some babies just drop feedings on their own, but not our princess. One baby step at a time.

On another topic, we still have no snow! This is the weirdest winter ever. Usually there is tons of snow by now and the temperatures below zero. Just recently did the temperature go below 30.

I have also began working on my first big person sweater. I'm excited about it. I almost have the front half finished. I am using 100% merino wool in an eggplant color. I really hope that it turns out.