Saturday, January 18, 2014

Calming the Nerves.

The band I am in had our fist show yesterday.  We've been practicing together for a year a half now.  There were some personnel changes as well as music genre direction changes which is why it took us so long to debut.

I had never been in a band before so I was crazy nervous.  So even though one of the many colds my children are cycling through kept me up with a wicked sore throat the night before I had to get a run in.  I was feeling sluggish, but I just got on the treadmill anyway.

My plan was to put a solid 5 miles in and hope that the happy hormones from exercising would help me be calm before and during the show.  Time ticked by very slowly on that run.  I remember looking down at how much had passed thinking it had to be close to 20 minutes.  8.....8 minutes.  So I listened to a few more songs that were uninspiring (thanks Pandora) and decided to watch The Office on Netflix.  Thankfully the show helped me space out a bit and time started to pick up.

I didn't push myself too hard because I'm really hoping for that long run OUTSIDE on Sunday!!!!

Our Band show went really well and I had fun, so for me it was a success.  I don't feel like the kind of person who likes to be in the spotlight, so that part is hard for me.  I don't want to be a star, or get famous, just want to play some music and have fun.

Does exercise help you mentally and your mood?

Favorite song to run to?
Right now Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

 Erin taking pictures of herself.

 Me and the band getting warmed up.

 Singing and trying to stay calm.

Our band Glitch!!!

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