Thursday, July 29, 2010

Snakes in the Grass.

We stayed over at a friends house due to crazy hot temperatures and our lack of AC. When we came back home I went out to check on my little garden, preparing myself for plants being nibbled off by our rampant deer. Suprisingly, none of my plants had suffered! However I found a gartner snake. He was stuck in my cucumber plant and the netting I have used to thwart the deer.

The poor thing had somehow wiggled his body through some of the holes and got himself so stuck and wriggled so hard that he had wripped scales off his body. He must have been there for awhile because the sores were dry looking.

The Hubster was at work, so I put on a long sleeved shirt, gloves and grabbed some scissors. AND, my camera. I put Izzy into a stroller so she would be crawling all over me while I cut the snake free. Erin held onto the camera while I attempted to free the creature.

Anytime I started to get too close to the sores and get the netting off the snake would thrash it's body all over the place. I felt sorry for him, being stuck and having some huge person come at him with scissors. He wiggled to much for me to do a throurgh job of getting all the netting off. And to be honest, I was too nervous to grab onto him and hold him down to get it all off.

Thanks for the big butt shot Erin. =)

I did my best and cut the netting off as close to his body as I could. Then we went back into the house to let the snake slither off if he so chose. When I went back out to check after the girls were in bed he was gone. Who knows if he will survive his wounds, or having some of the netting still on him. Good luck Mr. Snake!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Portrait.

Erin likes to draw our family on her little chalkboard in her bedroom. Usually there are only three people that get drawn. Mommy, Erin, and Izzy.

"Where's daddy?" I ask her.

"At work." She simply states.

I explained that daddy would really like to be in one of her family pictures too. So she drew this picture complete with a daddy. I emailed it to Scott at work and it made him very happy!

We had some very cloudy, rainy days right before and as our crab apple tree was blooming which was making it very hard to get a pretty picture of it. Finally some sun came through and I got a few pics. I love these trees so much, they are so gorgeous and smell amazing when they are blooming. Sure it only blooms for about a week, but that makes it more special.

I think pictures that are taken WITHOUT a flash look so much better. Izzy was playing by the patio door so I quickly grabbed my camera and set it up to not use a flash and started snapping away. She started coming straight for me right away...

And I got this good one too! Absolutely adorable!

On our way to a baby shower for our new nephew... I had just finished the knitted grey bunny stuffed animal and Erin was breaking it in for him. Such a good cousin!

Bathtub time! So much easier to have fresh and clean children when I can bathe them together! It is nice that Erin doesn't mind only have a few inches of water in there. Plus Izzy loves playing with Erin in the tub.

There used to be tub crayons in there, but they are long gone. Not the marks in my tub....just the crayons. Izzy carries them around in her mouth like a puppy. My cute little puppy!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Easter 2010.

Erin understood the whole coloring eggs thing much better this year. I think she had the most fun with the stickers though.

We used the white crayon to write things on them before we colored. You never know if that is going to turn out or not. Our red color did not dissolve very well so we didn't get many good ones from that.

Of course a few stickers for the cheekers.

I hid Erin's Easter basket this year again, and she had a lot of fun finding it. I got her a new bucket to put her candy in because last years bucket turned into a puke bucket. was a nice size for Erin when she got sick. Something about a 3 year old hanging onto a 5 gallon bucket that just doesn't seem right!

Ummmm...can we say EXCITED!!!

Erin snapped a picture of Izzy and I that morning as well. Good thing she has learned to take pictures or I'm not sure there would be any of Izzy and I...or and of I at all!!

Chocolate bunny! Why don't these things taste better??!!

Hey! There's caramel in here....yes, yes there is.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My new griddle.

I have discovered this marvelous way to cook breakfast! I have wanted a griddle for sometime, but I have a hard time buying things if I can use something else I already have to the job done. However, the mish-mash of cooking breakfast and trying to get it all done at the same time so nothing gets cold is solved by this wonderful little griddle!

The warming drawer is so nice. Plus I have also discovered how magical it is to do bacon in the oven. You see I was under the assumption that bacon done in the oven was crispy. And crispy bacon is just wrong. Chewy. Nuf said.

I love my griddle. And once it is no longer 80+ degrees in my house at all times of the day...I will use it again.

Getting back on my bike.

Yes, it has been too long since I have posted. What's been holding me back?? Laziness. Also, I get annoyed with trying to get my pictures in the right order on this blog. I have to decide beforehand what pics I want and the order and then load them backwards! It is very hard to rearrange the pics. Annoying.

So I'm going to just start loading photos and splain' them as they appear. No particular order, which means less pressure on me, and more posts!

These pics are from March and April...

What a cute little grin.


My little girl loves to be close to me.

Erin's new toy.

My first knitted stuffed animal project...Erin named him Pepsi. She names everything Pepsi, or Watery. However, when she says Pepsi, it sounds like Pesbi. So cute!

Erin loves to crawl into the crib with Izzy...Izzy loves it too!

Smootie Ring!

Izzy learned to roll over.

Cute chubby baby girl of mine!

Swimsuit and snowboots, makes sense to me mom.