Friday, December 03, 2010

Erin's Dance Recital.

We don't get to watch her during her little dance classes, but the last class of the term we get to watch! They don't let parents in during regular classes because it's hard enough just keeping their attention without us in the room.

They did their little stretches first. Erin kept looking at me and making sure I was taking lots of pictures of her.

What an adorable ballerina!

And a little curtsy.

So focused!

A little jazz dancing too! All these cute little girls dancing!

She really seemed to enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Holidays just keep getting more and more fun with Erin getting older. Seems like a huge difference between 3 and 4 for her. She changed the costume that she wanted every day. Ninja, Super Girl, McQueen, Tinkerbelle, Witch, Cat, Tiger, Frog, Bee, Viking, Pirate. No costume was off limits. But we had a Tinkerbelle costume already so I basically made her stay with that. She didn't mind though.

I also have a face painting book complete with face paint, so I painted Erin's face for trick-or-treating as well. I think she looked beautiful!

She still has some of it on. She wouldn't let me wash it off. Silly girl.

I wanted Izzy to be a ladybug this year. Her's is the first costume that I bought brand new. I usually get them at the used kids' stores. However, I couldn't find a ladybug one. She looks super cute!

The antennae did not stay on. She also started turning into a little Izzy Popsicle. She kept putting her little frozen hands up for me to kiss because they hurt. So I took her back inside. Scott continued with Erin. We trick-or-treated with some friends. They have two girls as well and they had fun running from door to door and getting candy!

Mine and Scott's costumes. Construction paper, glue stick, and tape. I think the message is clear though. I'm trying to convince Scott to get the storm-cloud tattoo and I'll get a sun.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fun!

Here is our pumpkin family. Let me introduce you...

Meet Daddy Stormcloud! An angry elf he is. Pessimistic. A Debbie Downer, Negative Nancy, a Complaining Carl. But he's our Storm-cloud and we love him!

Meet Izzy Pumpkin! A little space between her teeth, curious eyes, and those two little teeth on the bottom. Scott did a good job carving hers as well.

Meet Mommy Love! She has a big heart where her family safely resides.

Meet Erin Options! She is so energetic that she can't decide on just one theme. So give me more!!! Scott carved this one too!!

Erin, not enjoying digging inside for the nuts. What are they Erin? Seeds!

Daddy's pumpkin was outside so his pumpkin guts are freezing! Erin's was inside, so her little hands aren't cold.

Mama and Izzy watching Erin and daddy disassemble their pumpkins.

So excited to be doing pumpkins, she may have asked every 35 seconds since breakfast....

Look at those muscles at work!! Be still my heart!

Where's Waldo??

Corn maze for Erin's Orchard field trip.

This way mama!

Erin's teacher Miss Cat. She adores her!

Her other preschool teacher Miss Jen helping her pick an apple from the tree. Thanks Miss Jen.

The hay-bale tower.

Izzy came too. Daddy had to work and she was content for awhile in the sling. Corn mazes aren't great places for strollers.

Ball! Nope Izzy those are p u m p k i n s. You can call them balls if you want. Cutie!

Happy Fall Everyone!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Adventure!

We went to Tweite's Farm just the other weekend. I had checked it out online last year, but we never made it out there. This year we did though and it was a good year for it. Erin is at a great age where she can do more things and doesn't just take off. Izzy is walking so that also helps. That place is huge! We spent an easy couple of hours there and could have even spent more time if the children weren't well past their prime.

Erin's cousin Anna came with. It is so cute to see Erin at the age where she feels reassured when someone holds hands with her.

Hubby Scott and his brother James who is Anna's dad. Almost twins don't you think? No? Yeah, me either.

Me and Izzy playing checkers, Izzy rules. She sat on the board and threw the pieces on the ground, and I picked them up.

Let me help you Uncle James. I'll find that buried treasure!

Don't eat the sand Izzy!

Sand boxes were everywhere! Make sure to wear play clothes to this place. Very dusty, dirty, and fun!

Big bouncy balls. A bit big for Izzy, but she loved them.

Off-road triking! These trikes are bad. The girls and the dads rode all over the track.

Izzy's legs didn't quite reach the pedals, but she just kept saying "vrooom" so daddy kept pushing her.

Father, daughter time.

I was there too. Taking pictures. I have proof.

Go directly to jail!
Erin is King of the Tires!

The green one goes on the red one daddy.


Erin done at church. Such a fun place! We'll be going back next year for sure.