Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Miss You Out-of-Doors!

Either I'm getting weaker when it comes to handling the cold or this winter really is more harsh.  I've lost count of how many Polar Vortexes we have been caught in.  An amazing amount of days that they have called off school due to 40+ degree below zero wind chills tell me that this winter is just harsh.

I feel bad because I got some really great cold-weather running gear that just don't stand much of a chance against temperatures like that.  Unless I go running in a snowmobile suit I may not come back.  I am tending to think that it isn't just the temperatures....it's the wind.

With all that said...I am very much missing running outside.  I've acclimated to running on the treadmill pretty well, but I've found that my running improves a lot more running outside.

I've been letting my training diet slip a lot more this past week, but I've been putting in more miles than the training schedule calls for.  I did 25 miles last week!!! I think my heaviest week probably.....ever!  Legs are still feeling pretty good thanks to the foam rolling.

We had quite the winter storm last week and we were out of power for 25 hours.  Good news is that we had a fireplace and plenty of wood to keep us warm.  Bad news is that our incubator full of eggs dropped below temperature for that long.  Not good for developing eggs.

We candled (used a light to see if a silhouette of a chick is inside) the eggs last night and 26 show promise.  We'll wait a few more days, check them again, and see if the babies are still growing.  Lower temperatures are more acceptable than high ones.

Izzy doing one of her poses.

Me and Lala watching TV together.

The poo mountain I cleaned out of the coop.

The crazy blizzard that left us without power for 25 hours.

First top front tooth lost.


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