Monday, February 17, 2014

The Plan is Working!

So another week of Racing Weight training and eating plan in the books.  I was even still able to get up early and get runs done before work!

In the program it has me doing strength training on Wednesday and Saturday.  I have been throwing in a run after to keep my mileage up and it doesn't seem to be much of a problem.  One thing that I did notice is that was not nearly as sore this week.

Also I am down 2 pounds and at a weight that I haven't been at since before I had Izzy in 2009!!  Clothes are fitting awesomely as well.

For Scott's side of the family they wanted to forego presents and have all of us go to Owatonna Holiday Inn because they have a water park there.  Plans are to go on March 23rd.  A week after my 6 weeks of my training program are done.  As long as I don't fall off the wagon I will be more than swimsuit ready!

I'm not working too hard on increasing my pace right now.  Still playing around with 5.5 and 6 on the treadmill mostly.  I'd rather add distance right now and fear that increasing both will leave me injured again.  Plus once it's warmer out and I'm able to do my Monster Hill that helps me get faster the best I've found.

Although I still think a lot about the pace I need to be comfortable at to one day qualify for Boston.  Little by little I'll get there.....

Keeping my diet really veggie and fruit focused.  I've been able to pretty easily keep my calories where they should be.  A few days I've digressed, but it wasn't all day just usually a meal.  I know at this point in my get lean plan that diet is the biggest factor to dropping my body fat percentage.

Girls have off school today and today is my rest day so we will get to hang out all day!  There is a snowstorm going on right now so it's probably best that everyone stays home anyway....

Cornflake bars made for the family.

Olive loves the panda....and I think it loves her back.

First tooth lost!

The many positions that I find Izzy in.

First batch of incubating eggs of 2014!!!!  I can't wait for baby chicks!

One of the girls' favorite dinners.  Beef tongue on crackers with goat cheese.  It really is delicious!

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