Monday, February 10, 2014

Why So Cold?

Week one of my six week plan is in the books and it went really well!

I was able to easily keep my calories to 1400 and with having a daily smoothie with added protein powder get at least close to having 30% of my calories be protein.

The training was different and my legs were sore.  Not from the running, but from the strength training.  I also discovered that I can not do a chin up.  =(

End of summer able to do a chin up.

I added some running to the training plan in the book because I still would like to keep running 20 miles a week.

I did break down and buy the training tire for my bike and with the help from my husband get it on.  My cross training on the bike was different.  My legs felt tired quickly, but I was able to keep going.  Good experience for running on tired legs.

The 6 miles yesterday morning without eating before hand was the workout I was most dreading.  However, it turned out not to be so bad.  I also did my Thursday run without eating first and it felt hard and sluggish so perhaps it got me ready for Sunday?  I do know that I LOVED being done with my running before I had to start my day.  I didn't have to worry about when to sneak it in and it just felt like I had more time in my day.  I may finally be able to make that my habit.

Now just wait for summer to be here and actually have it be light enough outside for me to take off before the babies wake up and not freeze to death!

This winter has been so freaking cold that I might as well be living in Canada.  Then at least we would have moose hunting season and I could fill my freezer with hundreds of pounds of moose meat!  Not to mention salmon!!!!!!!!!

Rest day today.  Get my legs nice and rested for a new week of training.

Also an exciting day because we have enough eggs to fill our incubator and get incubating started.   So in three weeks we'll have baby chicks again!!

Izzy practicing her name at preschool.

One of my trail runs on my husband's and my trip to Lacrosse, WI.  It is such a beautiful trail that I think it about it often when I'm stuck running on the treadmill.

Our turkeys making a meal out my beautiful mums.  Naughty.

For whatever reason these shoes always caught my left ankle.  I have a scar there now.

Our yard full of chickens!

Olive loving the slide.

My birthday cake my brother made me last year.  This year my will be my 35th birthday and on Friday the 13th.

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