Friday, October 08, 2010


Once I get in a groove with blogging, in inevitably trip up and it takes me a month to post again. What's up with that?

The oppressive heat has gone, but now Minnesota can't figure out if it wants to have winter or summer. We go from 40 degree days to 80 degree days!! Makes it very hard to dress for this crazy weather.

What do sunshine and rain make together?????

A rainbow!!!!!

We made it to the fair this year! The Olmstead County Fair is right here in town, but Erin got really sick and didn't start feeling better until it had left town. SO, we took her to the Steele County Fair instead. She was fascinated as we drove by and she saw all the rides. As you can see she had a lot of fun and fell asleep holding her french fries on the way home.

Pigtails! I hardly ever do much with Erin's hair because she whines so bad about me brushing it. But she wanted these in and she does look adorable in them.

Smoothie! The only way I can sneak milk in with Izzy. If I give it to her plain she takes a few sips and then opens her mouth and lets it run out....stinker!

Some of the kids at the fair had their faces painted so I did Erin's at home the next day. She wanted to be the panther, not a butterfly.

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