Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Summer That Never Ended.

Once upon a time in Minnesota in the year of 2010 there was a summer so hot, so scorching, so oppressive that it became eternally summer. The End.

But seriously, it feel like this summer won't end. We keep getting teases of fall and cooler temperatures, but it just won't stay. I'm SO ready for slippers and soup, but instead I still can't pack away my tank tops or flip flops! It looks like fall, it smells like fall, the calendar tells me it's fall, but it keeps getting into the high 80's!!!! Not right. Not fair. I hate it.

And to all you people who love summer. Give up your AC and THEN tell me you loooooooove it.

We went to the Dells the first week of October and they had shut down Mt. Olympus and only the indoor waterpark was open. I packed long sleeves and jackets, but I should have packed shorts!!! It was still fun, but not the fallish vacation that I had envisioned.

Dear Summer,

Go Away!!! Let Fall and Winter come. This is MINNESOTA!!!!! Go back to Florida.


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