Friday, October 15, 2010

My Kitchen Helper.

Erin is my kitchen helper. She has found some new enthusiasm for helping me cook! It is much easier than even a year ago to have her helping me in the kitchen. She loves to pour measured ingredients in, stir, and chop things with a butter knife.

Sometimes I even get a Tinkerbell Erin to help in the kitchen. Who is constantly asking "Does it taste good yet?" about the cookie dough.

Yep, it tastes good now Erin.

Most of the time when she is pour ingredients into the bowl they make it all the way in. Sometimes she is distracted, like a 4-year-old, and some of it ends up on the counter or floor. I take a deep breath and sweep as much of it into the bowl as I can. I've started telling her to aim for the middle of the bowl and that seems to help cut down on accidents.

But I can't help but love the excitement she gets from helping me in the kitchen!

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