Saturday, August 21, 2010

It Getting Hot in Here!

The following pictures are actual pictures of our thermometer upstairs. They are actual temperatures experienced by our little family. Thankfully, no one was permanently harmed due to these extreme temps...just really really sweaty.

We are fortunate enough to have purchased a portable air conditioner last year. I found a $500 unit for $150 on craigslist. It has gotten a lot of good use this year. We have it installed downstairs since it is naturally cooler down there. The air conditioner kept it about 10 degrees cooler. We put Izzy baby to sleep downstairs in our room, there was no way we could put her to sleep upstairs.

We took lots of cold showers before bed to help cool down so we could sleep. Man, what a difference from last year!

Lots of cooking was done in the microwave and on the grill.

Now that the temperatures had toned down a bit I felt more emotionally stable to do this post. I literally wanted to cry tears of joy when these cooler temperatures hit. Unfortunately looking at the forecast it looks like we are in for some more higher temperatures. Will this summer ever end??!!
Of course you may be wondering why we haven't put central air in yet. Well...we have put almost 10K into the house already. We had to replace the well pump when we first moved in and the roof was peeling off and we replaced that this year as well. Plus we are toying with the idea of geothermal. So there you go. I can not go through another summer like this though!!!

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