Monday, October 18, 2010

One of These.

One of my girls most definitely looks a lot more like me.

Izzy's eyes, skin tone, hair color...nearly the same. Her hair will darken over time. Believe it or not, my hair was as light and maybe even a tad lighter than her's is now.

I LOVE it that my girls are so different. They are different in looks and in personality.

Now I'm not sure if it's mostly a product of their birth order, or if it is a majority due to the personality they have ingrained into their beings.

Erin has been high-maintenance since the beginning. She has always needed a lot of attention....demanded it really. Laying her on the floor and having her play by herself? Forget it. However, Izzy will find something she is interested in and just play with it.

Izzy LOVES to eat. Erin would rather graze all day than sit down for a meal. Erin eats until the hunger pain is gone and then declares she is done. A lot of food struggles go on with her. But I think no matter who you are there is always room for dessert even if you are "full" from dinner.

Erin didn't regard Scott as part of the family until she was about two and a half. She would get angry when he came home from work because then I would try to cook dinner and Scott would try and spend some time with her. She merely saw him as an obstacle to her mama time.

Izzy is always looking for dada. She says it in such a fond voice you just know that she adores him. She will willingly go from my arms to his. Her little face lights up when she sees him. Don't get me wrong mommy is still her person of choice, but she may grow out of that.

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