Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting back on my bike.

Yes, it has been too long since I have posted. What's been holding me back?? Laziness. Also, I get annoyed with trying to get my pictures in the right order on this blog. I have to decide beforehand what pics I want and the order and then load them backwards! It is very hard to rearrange the pics. Annoying.

So I'm going to just start loading photos and splain' them as they appear. No particular order, which means less pressure on me, and more posts!

These pics are from March and April...

What a cute little grin.


My little girl loves to be close to me.

Erin's new toy.

My first knitted stuffed animal project...Erin named him Pepsi. She names everything Pepsi, or Watery. However, when she says Pepsi, it sounds like Pesbi. So cute!

Erin loves to crawl into the crib with Izzy...Izzy loves it too!

Smootie Ring!

Izzy learned to roll over.

Cute chubby baby girl of mine!

Swimsuit and snowboots, makes sense to me mom.

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