Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Easter 2010.

Erin understood the whole coloring eggs thing much better this year. I think she had the most fun with the stickers though.

We used the white crayon to write things on them before we colored. You never know if that is going to turn out or not. Our red color did not dissolve very well so we didn't get many good ones from that.

Of course a few stickers for the cheekers.

I hid Erin's Easter basket this year again, and she had a lot of fun finding it. I got her a new bucket to put her candy in because last years bucket turned into a puke bucket. was a nice size for Erin when she got sick. Something about a 3 year old hanging onto a 5 gallon bucket that just doesn't seem right!

Ummmm...can we say EXCITED!!!

Erin snapped a picture of Izzy and I that morning as well. Good thing she has learned to take pictures or I'm not sure there would be any of Izzy and I...or and of I at all!!

Chocolate bunny! Why don't these things taste better??!!

Hey! There's caramel in here....yes, yes there is.

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