Wednesday, August 04, 2010


New cousin kisses! My brand new nephew! Isn't he gorgeous!!!!! He was born about 5 hours shy of Izzy's 1st birthday. So we drove over the the hospital on her birthday to squish this new bundle of joy.

He was 9 1/2 pounds!!! Over baked a little bit and facing a entirely impossible direction, he was born by c-section. They are balancing out the family a bit with a boy since I have only given birth to girls.

Yep, he smelled delicious! He nuzzled himself into the crook of my neck and got comfy. Such a sweetie!

Happy birthday Izzy! Uncle Ben getting some face time with Izzy baby.

Less than a day old and he had already filled his pants several times!

Erin did a good job being gentle with her new cousin. She was very curious about his lack of belly button though.

Absolutely the sweetest.

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