Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Birth Story. . . Part 2.

Almost two weeks later and I think I may finish the story this time.

So since I was a generous 5cm dilated and was staying at the hospital we of course. . . did more walking. We stopped walking to get some dinner and then I decided to spend some time in the whirlpool. After I was done in there we relaxed in the room for awhile. I found that the best thing for me to keep the contractions coming was to stand and sway.

My midwife came back around 7 pm and was going to check my cervix again. I was at a generous 6 this time so she decided to break my water. I was nervous because when my water was broken with Erin some really REALLY painful contractions started nearly immediately. After my water was broken my midwife and husband sat there looking at me and the monitor waiting for the same thing I was waiting for. .. pain. It didn't happen.

I decided I wanted to get on the birthing ball for awhile and see if that helped Izzy drop some more and encourage my cervix to open. My midwife gave me a great back massage after I got on the ball and then left and gave me an hour for my contractions to pick up. Well one hour turned into two and then they started the pitocin. My contractions were starting to finally pick up after 2 hours, but since I had been there for over 24 hours already my midwife didn't want me to be in labor forever, hence the pitocin. They turned it up ever 30 minutes until I was contracting at a decent pace.

I stayed on the birthing ball for a couple of hours and did well breathing through the intensifying contractions. My midwife came back in and told me they wanted me to climb into bed and lay on my side to encourage my sunny-side-up baby to rotate. So I relaxed in bed and fell asleep between contractions when I could.

Getting closer to 2 am and my contractions started to get very painful and I started having some that I wasn't doing such a great job breathing through and mostly moaned through. One of these was pretty loud and my husband bolted out his chair and ran over to me. My nurse also came back in and I had a few more that were not nice, so I asked her what else I could have besides an epidural. You see I wasn't sure how long this new phase was going to last. With Erin is lasted two hours and it was horrible! My nurse said she had to check me first and I told her to jump in in between contractions, and there wasn't a lot of time in between contractions anymore. She declared me an 8 and went to get the meds. When she asked me how much I wanted I was a little perplexed because I didn't know the dosing of Nubain. Silly nurse. She said I could have 5mg or 10mg. I told her 5mg because narcotics and I aren't the best of friends. She waited for another contraction and started to push the meds. I felt a little tingly and warm, but as far as pain relief. . . nothing.

A few more minutes passed and this intense bearing down pressure appeared out of nowhere! I grunted to the nurse "I have to push!" which caused her to run for my midwife. I had ahold of my husbands thumb and shirt and was letting out some pretty loud noises. Everyone (and I'm not sure who "everyone" was) was busying themselves in the room and my midwife asked me if I wanted to roll onto my back. I quickly said no through my moaning and grunting. So people helped me hold my legs up and my midwife starting asking me if Erin had a lot of hair when she was born. Apparently she could see the top of Izzy's head already!!! Keep in mind I pushed for two hours with Erin. Some more grunting and people saying stuff to me, which I could hear none of over the top of my own voice, and Izzy's head was out. Then with one maybe two more pushes she was out because it hurt A LOT to get the rest of her little body out of my body and I wanted that over as soon as possible!!!

When she was out I said "Thank you!" over and over and completely forgot that my baby was here! The nurses had me turn over onto my back and put her on my stomach and cleaned her of a bit and we just snuggled. She was born at 2:10 am and was 6 lbs. 5 oz.

She nursed great right from the start, had only a little trouble with jaundice, and so far has been a pretty calm baby. Which I would say that we deserve after Erin, with her screaming for 6 months. Now all my updates can be about the new baby!

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