Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Birth Story. . . Part 1.

Finally. . .
So we get settled into our room a bit and they put my IV in because I was GBS positive and they wanted at least two doses into me before I had Izzy. I also changed into my charming hospital gown. After the IV was in I grabbed the pole and Scott and I started our laps around the L&D floor.

We made countless rounds around that place for the next 30 hours. . . yes it would be 30 hours later before Izzy came.

As we were walking the contractions were still coming and they were intense enough. I felt a lot of pressure in my lower back and my midwife believed that was due to Izzy being in the "sunny side up" position. That meaning the back of her head was pushing on my lower back, and she eventually needed to turn face down to make it into the world.

The midwife we checked in with was done with her 36 hour shift at 8pm and the midwife that I had seen for all my appointments was on for the next 36 hours. She suggested that since it was getting late to rest awhile and if I was able to get some sleep for the night. She didn't want to push things too fast because I was early and they needed to get at least that second dose of antibiotics in.

I was able to sleep pretty well for the night. Contractions woke me up here and there and nurses came in to give me a new dose of antibiotics every 4 hours. At about 2am Scott and I were awoken by emphatic screaming from the delivery room next door. And I'm talking about the kind of screaming that you see in movies! Then she started yelling about the baby coming out and then we heard the baby cry. No joke. . .she screamed probably 7 times at most, then we heard the baby cry.

So since we were awake and the kitchen was open, I ordered some food. I got pancakes, hashbrowns, and a slice of ham. The pancakes were gross, hashedbrowns were good, ham was okay. And then I went back to sleep.

In the morning my midwife wanted to check to see if I had dilated at all during the night, then put me on the monitors to monitor how many contractions I was having and decide what to do next. When she checked me I was a little over 4cm, so there was some movement and then I was having contractions every 4-5 minutes still. So since there was some change in my cervix and I was still having consistent contractions she decided to keep me until the afternoon and see if anything changed.

Commence more and more walking. Eat lunch. More walking. Midwife checks me at around 1pm. I was SURE she was going to send us home. I thought she would check me and I would still be at 4cm and she would send us home. However, I was 5+ and she said she could not send me home. Also that she had talked to the OB on call and that they felt okay about breaking my water once I made it to 6 cm. . .

And now we break for me to get some coffee and breakfast before the mini-squish wakes up and wants more milk. With a birth story that spans 30 hours, you knew it was going to have to be told in parts.

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Vanessa said...

can't wait to hear the rest- 30 hours!!!! good lord- I hope they had a medal for you. that is amazing.