Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well we came home from the hospital the next afternoon. We could have stayed another day, but we had already been there a long time and we missed our Erin. So I think we made it home around 5pm and grandma brought Erin home.

Erin was very very happy to be home, but she had been throwing up all day. She wasn't running a fever and was fine inbetween vomitting episodes, but she couldn't keep anything down.

Izzy was jaundice and they wanted us to make it back to see a doctor for her on Friday to check her bilirubin levels. We were able to make an appointment here in town so we didn't have to make the hour drive, which I don't think I could have done anyway.

So three days after giving birth we head downtown to get Izzy checked out. First off let me say that the pediatric area in the clinic is amazing! They have a little TV, a place for the kids to run around, a huge aquarium with the coolest fish, and crayons and pictures to color everywhere. Erin had a great time there and played with a bunch of kids.

The downside to this trip was that my husband, who had been doing an amazing job of being a daddy of two so far, got into work mode and kind of autopilot and just found some place to park on the street without giving much thought to it. Now I had no idea where the building was so I just went with it. I figured that the closest building that we had parked by was where we were going. Imagine my suprise when he walked right past it. He carried Izzy in the baby carrier and I was pushing Erin . . .slowly, in the stroller. It was blazing hot out and it turns out the the building wasn't anywhere close to where we parked. I muttered all kinds of hateful things under my breath directed towards my husband. Out loud I asked what the crap he was thinking, I just pushed a baby out three days ago!!! When we finally made it to the building there was a parking ramp. . . under it!!!!!! I was furious and I let him know it!

The pediatrition that we saw for Izzy was from South America so when she said "Isabella" it sounded musical. She said that Izzy looked really good except for the jaundice and that she definately wanted to get a blood draw and check the levels. As long as she was under 15.5 on the scale we wouldn't have to put her in the hospital to be under the lights they use to help babies process the bilirubin. So I left Scott and Erin to play in pediatrics while I took Izzy downstairs to the lab. Turned out that her levels were 12.5 and that they wanted us to come back the next day to possibly check her again. However, I wasn't worried. My milk was already in and she was eating great. There were lots of wet diapers so I felt confident that if anything her levels would go down by the next day.

Safe to say that I made my husband walk to the car and bring it back to the building and promise to park in the parking ramp the next day. The appointment the next day went well, the pediatrition that we saw wasn't worried and Izzy had gained another ounce from the previous day. She said if we were worried to bring her in on Monday. So we did not have to do another blood test and poke her little heels anymore.

I have to say that parking in the ramp was much easier than walking a mile!

More of the adventure to come when I get some more time, and my internet stops hiccuping!

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