Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Installment #2

I have a few free moments since Scott took Erin to the grocery store with him and Izzy is only grunting here and there and thinking about waking up to eat. . .

The Friday before turning 36 weeks I had my mom come for a few days to help me with some stuff around the house and with the garden. Scott had hurt his back severely enough to be off work on workers-comp and was unable to assist me in much of anything.

I had found a post on Craigslist for someone needing to get rid of some straw. . for FREE! So I enlisted my mom and our truck to get a load and use it to drown out the weeds in the garden. We picked it up and worked on it the next two days a couple of hours each day. We had enough to cover the rows and such and a little around the mounds of cucumbers, melons, and pumpkins. Another load of it could have been used, but we were too tired to get more.

We tackled that on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we took it pretty easy. My mom and I were talking during Erin's nap and as I sat on the couch I though I was noticing that I was getting contractions more than normal. So at 2pm I started timing them. Sure enough they were coming between 4-5 minutes apart. Not painful, just happening. I timed them for the next couple of hours and they kept up, but I didn't want to call in yet until they started to feel different because last time for Erin we got to the hospital and then they stopped. . . . So another hour or so of contractions and they started to intensify so I called in to Labor and delivery and they asked how long it would take me to get there and I let them know an hour, which sounded like they were a bit worried about, so they told me to come in now.

Scott then scurried about grabbing bags of stuff and packing it in the car as I was breathing through some contractions and trying to calm our near 3 year-old because we were leaving. The ride was uneventful besides the contractions thankfully and when I got there and was checked I was nearly 4 cm. . . and there I leave you because the squishy is full-on hungry and awake now!

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