Friday, April 10, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nakedness Going On!

I am on another potty training adventure. I really did think that Erin would just take to it a lot better. She has always loved doing things on her own and accomplishing new tasks. So when after a week of her going poo poo in the potty every day she suddenly decided that going in the potty was not for her, I wasn't sure what to do. I guess I just decided she must not be ready and waited for another day.

We talked about it all the time and she would use the potty on occasion, but nothing consistent. I made her a potty book all about the process and the M & M rewards, but it was still sporadic. My next plan was to really tackle it once we moved to the new house. My pregnancy sickness got the best of me there. Then a few weeks ago I thought it was time for another go and told her when the box of diapers was gone, there would be no more and all the pee pee and poo poo would go in the potty. I set myself up for changing training underwear all day long and lots of accidents. So when she started asking for the underwear one day I obliged and put them on her. She wet two pair in the matter of 10 minutes. I was using the treadmill at the moment so she took off the second pair herself and remained naked from the waist down for the remainder of my walk. She used the potty chair several times while I walked so I decided to let her stay naked until bedtime and see what happened. She did not have one single accident.

As long as she is naked, she uses the potty. Thankfully most of our house has hard surface floors, so any accidents that might have happened would be easily cleaned up. But she does not have any. I guess we will go with this for awhile and work our way up to underwear. I shall keep my fingers crossed.

The pregnancy is going well. I am ashamed to admit that at my last midwife appointment I believe I had gained 10 pounds. I had grown accustomed to having to eat every 3 hours and eating what I wanted that even when I didn't need to eat that much I did anyway. I was quite disappointed with myself. So I resolved to start using my treadmill everyday. Surprisingly, it was not and has not been hard to do. My lower back pain that I was having is almost non-existent as well! Erin and I go downstairs after her nap and she watches a movie on the TV while I watch one on the computer. We subscribe to Netflix so I can watch movies instantly on there. I feel so much better physically and emotionally. Exercise is my prozac. My hormones have been much more unpredictable this pregnancy and exercise gives me a boost of the good ones and I feel like my happy normal self. On top of all that I do some stretching afterwards and I have not had a migraine since I started exercising regularly!

I have made some very budget friendly purchases for the new baby so far. I love finding a good deal, so I check Craigslist every morning for things that I need. Since we are having another girl, and at the same time of year, I don't need clothes. I have so far purchased an infant car seat with two bases $40, a double stroller $25, and a changing table/dresser for $30!

My knitting has been coming along as well. I have finally finally finished the sweater that I started for my brother quite awhile ago. He just came over for a visit the other weekend and it fit so nicely. I was so worried, but it really looks great. I had a bunch of yarn that I got for $1 a skein and decided that I would knit a blanket with it since we keep this house a bit colder than the last one. The blanket knit up pretty quickly and is so warm. I was spending a lot of time on the couch, not quite feeling that good, so it was a nice activity to occupy me while Erin watched cartoons. Now I am working on a blanket for Izzy (our new baby girl to come). It is coming along slower than I thought, but I have been so busy around the house and with Erin that I don't sit down a lot anymore. I do have a few months to finish it, so I'm not too worried. . . yet.

Gardening season is almost here and I have my seeds started. I can't even begin to relate how exceedingly excited I am about starting a garden at this new house. I could have a garden as big as my yard was at the old one! I have the spot all picked out and even checked what the soil is like the other day and it looks great. So now I just need Scott to go borrow his brother's tiller and till the crap out of the site. I can't wait! Also a picture of some friends running through our yard.

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