Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Thunderstorm.

We had quite the storm come through the other day. It was gorgeous outside all day and then some big, dark, nasty clouds rolled in and brought wind, hail, and downpours. Erin thought it was great the ice was falling from the sky and Scott went and gathered some for her. We also got a beautiful rainbow in the middle of it all that seemed to end in our field. No, I did not run out there and look for a pot of gold. I didn't feel like getting beaned in the head with golfball size hail.

Erin is still doing really well with potty training. We have graduated from being naked to being able to have pants on without accidents. She still resists going poo poo on the potty and holds it for far too long and then has to run for the bathroom. But I am very proud of her progress.

We have cancelled our cable and our land line. It will save us about $65 a month! I was a little nervous about saying goodbye to the landline just because I know that it is the only way for you to be able to call 911 and have them know your location. However, we do have our cell phones and I know our address and hopefully we will never have to use it!

We cancelled the cable because it was only used for Erin and she was getting bored with the same shows every day anyway. We subscribe to Netflix and with a certain level of subscription ($8.99 miniumun I believe) you can watch lots of movies and shows instantly over the internet. So I connected my laptop to our flat screen and we watch on there.

I am now 28 weeks pregnant and our last appointment went well. I got tested for Gestational Diabetes, did our birth plan with the maternity counselor, and a follow-up ultrasound to get better pictures of baby's spine. Great news, it is still a girl and she looks great! They were also checking what my cervix looked like because of going into pre-term labor last time. My cervix is still closed but it has shortened a bit. My midwife called me on Friday to give me this information and explain that when mom's come in because of contractions they are using cervical length a lot more to judge when they need to intervene. Their cutoff is 3cm and I am now at 2.9cm. . . so I need to be careful. She cautioned me about paying attention to the contractions and back off exercising if I need to. I really can't afford to spend a week in the hospital for pre-term labor this time with a toddler at home. Maybe gnomes will plant my garden??

We also got the garden tilled up. We ended up hiring someone with a tractor to come out and do it. It cost us $70, but with the size of it we felt it was worth it. Now this rain needs to stop so I can get my cold weather veggies in the ground!

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Vanessa said...

Congrats on the healthy baby girl! Let's keep her in, there, though! I hope you won't need bed rest either- I don't think Erin would like it if her mom were unable to play for that long. Your Easter dinner sounds great!