Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter and Stuff.

We had a fun Easter this year. Erin was at a much more fun age to do things. We colored eggs, went to a communtiy egg hunt, and had a little Easter basket for her. She loved putting the stickers on the eggs, and then taking them off, and putting them back on. The Easter egg hunt was a crazy mess of kids where she almost got trampled by the bigger kids, but she found two eggs and then got to play on the slide, so she was happy. She was very excited to go through her Easter basket, but she is kind of particular about the chocolate she likes. She likes Hershy's plain chocolate. . . and that's about it.

We didn't do any family visiting for Easter this year. We decided to have a nice quiet holiday here at home. I baked a ham with a pineapple glaze on it. I also did some creamy Rosemary Au Gratin potatoes that turned out really well. I made a roux and did the cream sauce before baking it so that it turned out really creamy and not chunky. It was a great dinner.

Pregnancy stuff is still going well. I'm still walking on my treadmill most days for about an hour. I get a little bit of heartburn once in awhile, which I'm sure will increase as baby Izzy gets bigger in there. I go in for Gestational Diabetes testing on Wednesday. They also want to do a quick ultrasound to get a better picture of baby's spine because they didn't get a very good one the last time. They will also check on the ultrasound that my cervix is still long and closed. No pre-term labor this time please! On top of all that I meet with the Maternity Counselor to set up my birth plan and meet with my midwife. Whew. It will be a long morning.

I have noticed that stress affects me a lot more this pregnancy. I just can't handle much of it at all. So it doesn't help that things have been stressful with my mom. Hopefully over time they will get better.

My baby brother Ben graduated from Le Cordon Bleu cooking school this past Saturday! Scott and I were able to leave Erin with his mom and drive up for that. We also got to go to the restaurant that he works at after graduation and he cooked some amazing food for us! It was also the first time that my mom and dad had been in the same room since my wedding. They did fine, but it did not help my stress problems. =) We had a great time and I am so proud of him! Here is a link to the restaurant he works at

My garden plans are in the works. We picked up a tiller from Scott's brother yesterday so as soon as the ground dries out a little bit we can get the ground worked up. It is a previously unworked area so there will be a lot of roots and such to get out of the ground, but I couldn't be more excited about it! My seedlings are still doing very well and I should be able to plant cold tolerant things like potatoes, onions and cabbage by the end of this month. I can't wait to see my little plants in the ground!

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