Thursday, August 17, 2006


Anyone thinking about becoming a parent needs to check their ultimate patience level. This picture of my precious little girl is what I would like to call The Infant Gauntlet. Why is she crying??? Who knows. When will she stop?? No clue. Can I do anything to keep this from hapening?? Probably not. Total helplessness. . . not a fun place to be.

It seems that as soon as we get her figured out it lasts two days and then she changes. How am I ever supposed to get the hang of this if she keeps throwing curves?? It's a cruel, evil game she is playing and I don't want to play anymore. But I love her, am addicted to her. If I get to go anywhere without her I miss her. She's got me wrapped around her little finger and she is only six weeks old!

These are some pictures of the flowers from my garden. I love plants. It just facinates me how things grow from little seeds just because I put it in dirt.

My friends say my backyard looks like a tropical oasis. I just like having a pretty place to relax. We have been at this house for two years now and I just keep working on landscaping a little more every year. Thankfully we have our truck so I can get rock and mulch in bulk.

I got a new knitting magazine yesterday. It has some projects that I am interested in. I just don't think I like sticking with one project for very long. I think I need to start a couple and then I can grab one to work on it when the notion hits me. I also want to work on using other yarns, besides Walmart special. It has been nice getting cheap yarn so I can practice on. But I think I am ready to advance.

I can feel fall on the way and I'm excited! We haven't been able to have fires this summer. . . it's just been too hot. So I'm looking forward to cooler weather and sitting around the fire and smores! Mmmmmmmm. . .

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Anonymous said...

Your back yard is great, very relaxing and restful. Good place to drink beer.DAD