Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Baby Love

New mommyhood is great. And scary, exciting, frustrating, and the most rewarding thing I've ever done all in one. Erin Victoria is beautiful and I'm in love with her. I love how she smells and the sounds she makes, I lose track of time just staring at her.

A lot of my other hobbies get put aside because I am consumed with taking care of my new baby. My garden is full of weeds and produce that begs to be picked. I'm lucky if I finish a row with my knitting. My long lost love, sleep, eludes me. I have to be reminded either by my husband or my growling stomach that I haven't eaten lunch.

So far Erin and I have recovered from childbirth together, learned to breastfeed together, conquered thrush together, cried together, and fallen asleep together. I am already scared that she is going to grow up too fast. Ahhhhh. . . baby love.

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