Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Pregnant Pumpkin.

This is one of my favorite traditions!  I think one of the reasons is that Scott really gets into.  He bought a book with some patterns this year and some carving tools.  Erin picked out the grim reaper and Izzy got a kitty with wings on it.  He does such a nice job!

Izzy loved her pumpkin!  It was cold from being outside so she kept hugging it and then saying "Cold!"

If we think something that Izzy does is cute then Erin has to do it too.  But who am I kidding, she is adorable hugging her pumpkin too.

Got a picture of my tiny pumpkin too!  Such a cute little nugget.  I still can't believe I have three beautiful girls...

Cracking open the first pumpkin.  

I have to demand pictures be taken of me too to prove that I was really there.  Sure one could assume that I was there since someone had to be taking the other pictures.  But I want to be in pictures too with my little family!

Why yes, that is a slight look of disgust on Erin's face as she digs out the seeds.  

Her pumpkin had started growing seeds inside, so there were a bunch of these little seedlings in there!  I guess it was a mama pumpkin.

Izzy didn't care too much for sticking her hand in there to get the seeds either.  I got her a spoon and she liked that even if a lot of it ended up on the floor.

We only got two of the four pumpkins carved.  Olive was fussy and wanted to be held so only one of us could help with the carving.  Then it was getting late and our girls needed to be bathed.  I also didn't get a picture of the pumpkins that did get finished either....  Must remember to do that.

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