Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Little Girl Loves Dragons.

I found the face-painting book at Target awhile ago on clearance. Target clearance, I LOVE Target clearance! It has professional grade face-paint in it as well as a really nice brush. The book gives you lots of ideas and things to paint and takes you step by step through the design.

Obviously you don't have to just paint faces. I had been promising Erin that we would do some painting and she chose the dragon. Not the fairy, or the cute panda, or a butterfly. A dragon. As you can see she is thrilled with her dragon and the fire coming out of it's mouth.

Erin is a fascinating blend of girly and tough. She loves dresses. She loves shoes. She loves make-up. She also loves dragons, and tigers, and play fighting. Any imaginative play always turns into fighting. She doesn't go ga-ga over babies, but toy swords definitely! I love this about her!

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Sarah said...

You'll have to show her pics of our dragon. We're big dragon lovers around here! :)