Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family Christmas Picture.

It is always interesting and challenging to get some good family pictures for our Christmas card. The age of our children makes it difficult too.

Erin does much better now at four and a half, but if she is crabby then forget it.

This is the best one I got of them together. The light was terrible as well. Our house even with all the big windows doesn't have the best light for picture taking.

Izzy was going a little crazy. She LOVES having her picture taken!

Such a wiggle butt!

What on earth Scott is trying to do here is beyond me. When I got up to go look at the picture I showed it to him and we laughed so hard about it. He doesn't remember trying to look like that. What a weirdo.

Hold still!

Flash, everything looked washed out. Have to make sure that Izzy doesn't dive off the chair.

This is the best one we got so it went on the card. No need for perfection, good enough is good enough. Plus if the photo session is too long everyone ends up very crabby. Lets keep photos fun!

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