Monday, December 21, 2009


Here is our beautiful sleeping Izzy. Speaking of sleep, she has finally been doing a lot better in that department. For the first 5 months she did not nap well, which made for long days for me. It did not give me much time to have a break or sneak in a nap. Especially with Erin running around, if I wasn't able to coordinate naps, then no nap for me!

Izzy is still mostly a lump. She can roll from her tummy to her back, and just recently she discovered that she has feet. Who knew so much amusement could come from grabbing one's toes? Other than that she is starting to scoot around the crib by arching her back and pushing off the crib railings, but nowhere close to crawling or sitting up. By contrast a friend of mine from our ECFE classes has a baby about a month and a half older than Izzy and she is crawling all over the place and even able to walk by holding onto things!!!

Erin didn't crawl until she was 9 months, or walk until she was 15 months, so I'm not worried. Izzy has been experiencing some teething symptoms, but none have shown up yet. She gets fussy and her cheeks get bright red, but no teeth.

Izzy has become much more attached to me and I am loving it. She just beams at me when she sees me and smushes her face into mine. She likes to snuggle into my neck and just be close to me. It is much more rewarding than the newborn stage where they can't interact with you much at all. She also LOVES Erin and loves to watch her!

Izzy also greatly enjoys snuggling with Daddy. Whenever she hears him talk she looks all over for him.

Erin got her first haircut at a salon. Her hair is so straight that any mistake I might have made would have been so obvious. I just didn't have the heart to give her a bad haircut. So I took her to a salon and she did so well. We cut off a few inches, but it was getting stringy at the ends anyway. She is starting to look so grown up.

The horse is a toy that she borrowed from a friend. She has played with and carried it around non-stop! She has me make little lassos out of yarn that she leads (drags) the horse around with. She also found a little stuffed unicorn that she has and dubbed it the horse's baby.

Isn't she gorgeous! We are finally falling into a routine with her and it makes life so much easier, and I get more sleep at night too! I like routines, I know what everyone needs when we go by one. The girls do better with them too. They are fed and rested and healthy when we stick to a routine. By routine I mean a sequence of events not a strict time-table.

Erin's smile when she is trying. So cheesy! I try to get her to say something silly instead so I get a real smile instead of cheeseville!

Scott with Izzy and his brother David with their new baby Aubree. My babies get soooo chubby. I love it!

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