Monday, December 21, 2009


Babies, babies, babies!!! These are the recent additions to Scott's side of the family. The chubby girl in the pink is our little Izzy baby. The head-full-of-hair boy in the middle is Chase, Scott's sister's baby. The tiny baby girl on the end is Aubree, Scott's brother's baby!
All the fun doesn't stop there. . . another baby is due in July of next year from Scott's oldest brother. That baby will make 8 grandchildren on that side of the family with Erin being the oldest. She will be 4 when the 8th is born!!!
And why stop at 8 when 10 is better!!! Both of my brothers are now expecting babies next spring!!! One is due on my birthday June 13th!!! The other is due in August!!! I'm glad that they are having babies now, they will be close enough in age to my babies that they will be able to play together.
So this coming spring/summer will be full of birthdays!! We may have to just throw one huge one as they babies get older. . . who knows.

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