Friday, May 22, 2009

32 Week Appointment News.

No dilation and baby Izzy has not dropped at all, so those are very good things. My midwife is still concerned with all the contractions that I have and really wants me to make it at least another 4 weeks. The end of June is my goal as I will be 37 weeks pregnant by then. She said as long as I am not having more than 4 contractions in an hour that I am okay, but to call them right away if I am having 4 or more.

She also wants me to take it easy and not do anything that is strenuous or using a lot of abdominal muscles. And no lifting anything over 10 lbs. Poor Erin, she loves being picked up by mama.

So over all, I am very happy that there is no dilation and feel pretty confident that we will make it to at least 35 weeks.

On other Erin news, she now has decided to call her dad by his name most of the time. It is cute, but I think he has grown tired of it. He says it makes him feel like a step-dad. Such a silly girl.

I am getting more and more uncomfortable by the hour it seems. What has been the most frustrating is that my back hurts so much when I go to bed that I am not sleeping well. . . and I NEED my sleep! I'm already limited to my sides and when that causes pain as well I feel I am out of options and doomed to suffer uncomfortable, sleepless nights. Grrrrrr. . .

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Vanessa said...

So funny, isn't it, how the perspective changes according to the week number- you can send all your contractions my way!!! Glad to hear that baby is going to stay in a while longer for you- sorry the sleeping isn't going so well :( I, too, am getting sick of the one-side thing.