Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Want Daddy!

Erin woke up in the middle of the night and came into our room and said that her tummy hurt. It had been hurting off and on for a few weeks and I didn't think much of it, so I just told her to climb into bed.

She would occasionally lament about her tummy, and I comforted her and rubbed her back. One of these times I was rubbing her back when all of a sudden she sat up. I asked her if she was going to throw up, she didn't answer. So I asked her again....nothing, and then I felt something wet on my hand. Awesome.

I rushed to turn the light on and ran to our bathroom to get something to wipe up the vomit and catch the rest. Scott still lay comatose while all this happened. After she finished I wiped it up and wiped her down and took her pajamas off that had vomit on them. I took that pile of lovely smelling fabric to the laundry room to wash them up. All of a sudden Erin shows up with the bed sheet with vomit on it in her arms.

"Did daddy send you to bring this to me?"


So he is OUT while the tummy trouble and vomiting are going on and then sends the sick one to bring the sheet into the laundry! He finally wakes up enough to get Erin a glass so she can rinse out her mouth.

After we get her all cleaned up and ready to get her tucked back into bed she tells me.

"Mommy, I want to sleep by daddy and you can sleep by yourself!"

**Update: A clarification needs to be made I guess according the the only male in our home. Erin was sent to the laundry room with the dirty sheet because she was bouncing around so much due to feeling so much better after throwing up.

*Even though I may have sounded deeply offended that Erin wanted to snuggle with daddy instead of mommy after being elbow deep (exaggeration) in her vomit, I love seeing her love and want her daddy! Not sure there is anything more sweet than seeing little girls snuggle with their daddy!!! ♥

**Erin is finally doing better. A waffle was ingested this morning after much pleading on her part. That waffle met the rest of our bed sheets in a very sticky fashion. However, she is running around with her sister now and has kept some lemon lime soda and crackers down!

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aunty joannie said...

lol.... sorry feef.....the unconditional love of a child..... go figure...... hope she is feeling better.....and you have gotten over the rejection !!!!!! kisses for all.