Thursday, January 07, 2010

This is one of Scott's favorite things to do with our babies...rock with them. Especially in front of a fireplace. It is the one place he can get Erin to sit still, and Izzy loves to watch the flames dance while being snuggled. If he can swing it he'll put the legs up and snooze with them. However, that is a near impossibility with Erin. That girl never sits still. ONCE and only once since she passed infancy has she fallen asleep rocking with Daddy. I came downstairs to have him nod his head toward her. She sleepily opened her eyes and asked me to put her in her bed.

Izzy has started on solid food! She wasn't too sure of it at first, but she has really warmed up to the idea. Once she got the hang of not pushing it all out with her tongue that is!

I like to make my own baby food. I think it is fun, inexpensive, and I know there aren't any weird things in it. I just made sweet potatoes today and Izzy adored them at first bite. I put a little on a spoon, and into her mouth. She just looked at me and smiled and opened her mouth wide for every bite after that.

I steam the veggies/fruit because it leaches vitamins and minerals the least. Then I put them in the food processor and add as much liquid from the steaming pot as needed to get the right consistency. Once it looks good to me I pour it into ice cube trays, freeze, then pop them out into freezer bags. I just have to nuke one or two cubes and it's ready!

Erin was under the blanket, and when she came out this is what I saw! She had snitched one of Izzy's pacis and was checking it for quality control.

Erin has always been weird about toys. She hasn't and doesn't really play with traditional toys that much. Instead she grabs onto the most interesting things and decides they are her play things. Like this pop-up hamper. She LOVES this thing. She uses it like you would use a sack in a sack race, jumps into it, and . . .

puts it on her head and runs around in it.

Izzy's "I'm not so sure about this solid food thing mommy" face.
So far she seems to be a more energetic eater than Erin was. Let's hope it stays that way!

Matching outfits from Christmas. They look adorable in them.
I like noticing how different they are. Erin has white, very sensitive skin. Izzy seems to have a perma-tan and has barely had any diaper rash at all! Her skin tone is a lot like her Uncle Ben's. Must be the Croatian coming out.
If you can't tell...Izzy loves her big sister like crazy. She watches her all the time and want to grab her and gnaw on her. Erin handles is all pretty well, sometimes getting annoyed, but overall does really well with Izzy. I'm proud of my girls!

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Sarah said...

They are so precious! Izzy is getting big!

I can relate about hands in the dish water and being chapped! I can also relate about the pop up hampers being the greatest toy ever!