Sunday, February 01, 2009


Yes it has been a long time since I have posted, but I have good reasons a few of them.

We did get moved okay although it was quite a long stressful day. The closing for the house we sold went very quickly as the buyers signed the paperwork the evening before. Then we drove to the new house to do the walk-through before we signed papers and we had a few unpleasant suprises. First there was a signifigant amount of stuff that was left by the owner. Not least of all a huge TV. The second more alarming suprise was that the heat didn't work and it was 42 degrees in the house. So we had to keep Erin all bundled up to keep her warm.

We closed on the house anyway, as we had nowhere to go, and the guy we bought the house from had a furnace guy come out and get it fixed for us. The furnace is fuel oil heat so we also had to have someone deliver that since it was nearly gone, more than likely the reason the heat wouldn't work. To top all that off the well pump was in worse condition than we were led to believe by the realtor and it had to be replaced . . . at a $3600 price tag! So we got off to a bumpy start, but we have the house on the land that we wanted.

Another signifigant update is that we are pregnant and expecting a baby in July!!!! I was horribly sick with Erin, but it didn't start until I was 6 weeks along. We were moving on the day that I would have been 6 weeks so I thought we would be good. I got sick this time a week earlier, very bad timing for moving. I was not very much help with the packing and cleaning, but thankfully my mom was there to help. I felt wretched and didn't move very far from the couch for two months. I'm 16 weeks today and feeling tons better, I just hope it lasts.

We have had a few prenatal appointments and got to hear the baby's heartbeat each time which is always reassuring. Our next appointment we will get to see our baby by ultrasound. And if baby cooperates we will find out if it is a boy or girl. I'm thinking it is a boy this time.

I think that provides a decent update for now. Now that I'm feeling better I should be able to post more.

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Vanessa said...

I'm sorry moving day was such a hassle :( But that's great that you are finally feeling better and can enjoy your pregnancy. I can't wait to hear the gender verdict- definitely keep us posted!