Friday, May 02, 2008

Snow in April.

Ahhhh. . . Minnesota. I love the season changes that we get to experience. However the whiplash of winter's hopefully last attempt to rob us of a spring was quite shocking. It was so weird to get up and see huge flakes falling and accumulating on the ground. Here are some crazy pictures that I took on April 29th.

You can see the green grass through the snow. Thankfully it didn't damage my flowers that were already coming up and some of them blooming!

We still don't have the garden tilled, but the weather has been so weird and my husbands schedule so crazy that has to wait. I know that we have our house on the market, but I have to plant my vegetable garden to keep myself sane as we wait for it to sell. I would kick myself forever if I didn't plant it and we waited all summer for it to sell and I could have been eating all kids of gorgeous produce!

Erin's newest game is putting and taking off any shoes that she can find. She found her boots and puts them on and takes them off all day. In the picture she has her pajama shirt on, her boots, and a random pair of pants (because her other new game is to take off her diaper when she is in bed and then pees in the pants). Such a silly girl. She also puts random shoes and hats on me.

Oh and by the way. . . SOMEONE BUY MY HOUSE!!!!!

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